Aluminium Household Foils

Aluminium Household Foils

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Aluminium Household foil has a clean, non bacteria surface. It is a non toxic packaging material and is tasteless odorless material which doesn’t give food a peculiar smell.

These Aluminium  everyday house foils are all purpose and solve many problems around the household. Skai International offer Household foil in different sizes and quantities to meet the customer’s everyday need like wrapping, packaging, baking, grilling, storing, cooking, freezing etc. by keeping the food fresh and tasty all day long. We also fulfill the need of different restaurants, hotels and catering services by offering them ranges of foils in different thickness and length.

Also these foils can be converted into almost all kinds of disposable cutlery.

We manufacture House Foil in jumbo rolls and also in customized other sizes for retail depending on buyer’s requirement.

FOIL Thickness Width
Alloy AA 1235/8011 10-20 microns 300-450 mm


Description Packaging Material
Material Aluminium Alloy
Shape Roll
Usage Food, Kitchen Packing, Storing , Freezing
Core ID 28 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 38 mm
Package Color Box, Dispenser Box, Printed PP sleeve as per customer requirements
Quality Tolerance >99.5%
Delivery Time 5-7 days
Temper Soft
Sample Free